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“Black Stars and Ripples”

Entered in the Saul Bell Design Award 2016 Competition


​The above piece is a Psilomelane, or “Crown of Silver” stone, set in a 14 kt white gold, black and white diamond enhancer pendant. The pendant rests on a 12-12.30 round natural gray cultured pearl necklace. The clasp is a manufactured 14 KT white gold with a small diamond circumference. The pendant frame contains 45 white diamonds that total 1.38 carats and 45 black diamonds that total 1.57 carats. The Psilomelane stone totals 109 carats. The frame of the Psilomelane stone is created using the lost wax process, mill grain and bead set.  It was created to reflect and enhance the unique circular markings of the Psilomelane and an opportunity to reintroduce it as a fine jewelry stone.


​This piece was​ entered in the Saul Bell Design Award 2016 competition. The name of the piece is “Black Stars and Ripples”. We entered it as a pendant and in the “Gold/Platinum” category. It was designed by Irwin gross and the goldsmith who created it was Paul Brackna.


Judging for the competition begins in November.

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