Irwin Gross:



At The Goldsmiths — Dealers in Dreams, we believe that it is possible to turn dreams into realities without the absolute best building blocks available. That is why we rely on gemologist Irwin Gross and his more than 50 years of experience to choose our unique gemstones.



Mr. Gross has won multiple awards for his intuitive ability to select the highest quality gemstones, which includes a national award in 1983 called the Diamonds Today Award.


He has worked in historic places such as the Watergate Hotel and he has won the prestigious Diamonds International Awards.


Some of Mr. Gross’ celebrity clients have included Sammy Davis, Jr., Frank Sinatra, Liberace and Don King. He has also worked for United States presidents Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon.


MedallionDuring the course of his career, Mr. Gross has participated in the creation of such prestigious pieces as the Kennedy Center Medallion, the Eisenhower Liberation Medal and various pieces for the Smithsonian Institute.


We are very proud to have Mr. Irwin Gross as our gemologist.

With his years of experience and his impressive background, we know that your dreams are in good hands.

Our Mokume Gane Artists

We also represent the 2 premier Mokume Gane artists George Sawyer and Andrew Nyce, who both produce amazing work.


georgesawerGeorge Sawyer:


George Sawyer who designs are inspired from historic Japanese art metalwork, his pieces have a wonderful harmony of color, composition, amazing sculptural shapes.




Andrew Nyce:

MOKUME  GANE ARTISTandrewnicedesign

Andrew Nyce now retired, has created unique designs, including custom-designed wedding, commitment rings, engagement, and men’s rings in Mokume Gane and Damascus Stainless Steel, stop in a check out some of the amazing pieces on display.


 Our other talented people include

cutgemstonesWe get our unique look from the talented hands of world-renowned gemstone cutter, David Brackna, Designer Irwin Gross and Goldsmiths Jason Kemp, Grigoriy Globa and Paul Brackna.




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