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Our business is

bringing dreams to life!


We do just that by utilizing a custom jewelry creation process that we have perfected over the past 50 years.


It all begins with your



We create an illustration with you, or you can preview our extensive library of designs to chose one that makes your statement.




Then our design professionals create a 3D wax representation of your piece.


Within two to three weeks, you will be meeting with our designers to review the wax model which includes any stones used and if needed from there we can make any appropriate changes.




Once you are satisfied with the wax model, we go to work bringing that vision to life. Within three to four weeks, you will be able to wear your custom piece of jewelry and make your statement to the world.


The only way our process is successful is if you are satisfied. That is why we get you so deeply involved in the process and we do not consider the piece completed until it is everything you dreamed it to be.


When you are ready to

make your dreams

come true

Dealers in Dreams

will facilitate its making.





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SinatraOur designer Mr. Irwin Gross has participated in the creation of such prestigious pieces as the Kennedy Center Medallion, the Eisenhower Liberation Medal and various pieces for the Smithsonian Institute.tinystones

Some of Mr. Gross’ celebrity clients have included Sammy Davis, Jr., Frank Sinatra, Liberace and Don King. He has also worked for United States presidents Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon.


Mr. Gross has won multiple awards for his intuitive ability to select the highest quality gemstones, which includes a national award in 1983 called the Diamonds Today Award.